Law & Mind Blogs: Part 8

3 Feb

The internet abounds with blogs taking on topics related to the mind sciences.  One particularly impressive blog with an eye to social psychology is, well, Social Psychology Eye.

Boasting an impressive list of contributors and frequent updates, Social Psychological Eye puts a psychological spin on current events, often citing (and linking) academic articles.  Content is driven by both current news and recent studies, often using the latter to analyze the former, touching on such areas as hindsight bias, intergroup threat, and the effects of priming on political attitudes, among others.  You can follow the blog on Twitter, subscribe by email, or just visit the website.


Social Psychology Eye has good company in the blogosphere; check out several more fascinating blogs in the realm of the mind sciences after the jump.

Psychablog is home to clinical psychologist Robin S. Rosenberg’s exploration of the exciting world of superheroes.  Rosenberg’s posts explore both superheroes in general and specific superheroes, covering topics ranging from the liberating effects of wearing a mask to Wonder Woman’s wanderlust.  In addition, she offers “psychological reviews” of recent superhero films and plays, as well as coverage of ComicCon and other similar conventions—with an eye to psychology, of course.  Rosenberg also maintains a blog (with significant content overlap) for Psychology Today.

The Race Equity Project seeks to address issues of race by identifying race disparities in institutions, educating clients and community agencies and organizations about these disparities and how to address them, and enforcing laws and policies to eliminate or mitigate these disparities.  On its blog, the REP keeps readers apprised of current developments in politics, business, and the law that relate to racial disparities and other forms of discrimination.

Radiolab, as its name implies, is home to a radio show and podcasts, in addition to a more traditional blog.  In all three mediums, Radiolab investigates “big questions” in a wide range of subjects, including philosophy, science, psychology, and math–often blurring the boundaries between these fields.

Science of Small Talk is yet another blog featured on Psychology Today.  This one is the work of Sam Sommers, a social psychologist at nearby Tufts University.  Sommers draws on both his own personal experiences and current events in exploring the psychological dynamics of a wide range of everyday social interactions.  Of particular interest is his frequent forays into the legal world, including recollections of his experience as an expert witness and an analysis of the Prop 8 Ruling.

Simoleon Sense is a blog which curates the web for the best articles on behavioral economics, complex systems, decision making, psychology, value investing, and science.  Aimed generally toward entrepreneurs and investment managers, Simoleon Sense aims to help its readers develop their decision-making skills by teaching them how to  understand problems and search for solutions via a broad framework of mental models.  Miguel Barbosa, the blog’s creator, poses a challenge to all newcomers: “Spend 5 minutes a day for 7 days browsing the blog.  If after 1 week you don’t think you have become a better decision maker, never visit us again.”


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